Canoe Seat Pack


Earn up to 45 Portage Points.

Accessorize your canoe to add utility and function. The Seat Pack is made to clip under the seat to add two easy-to-access pockets for stashing maps, sunscreen, sunglasses, or bug spray. Whatever items you want to access quickly can be securely stashed away in a place that’s not rolling around in the bottom of the canoe where unwary feet or carelessly tossed packs can crush them. Also, keeping gear in one specific bag prevents the accidental “portage drop” where loose gear gets flipped out of a canoe on the portage and lost in the mud or water. The two adjustable top straps allow this bag to be securely fixed to the bottom of a seat with two front facing pockets: one zippered for total closure and one secured by hook-and-loop for quick and easy access. The Seat Pack is wider than the Thwart Bag for seat-wide storage in most any canoe.

Two Adjustable Buckle Straps for Under-Seat Hang
Front Facing Zipper Pocket
Easy Access Hook-and-Loop Pocket

1 review for Canoe Seat Pack

  1. John R.

    I’ve been paddling since the 1970s and this is the best seat pack I’ve ever owned. Though it’s also the first one I’ve ever owned. 😉
    It’s a great place to stash gear for easy access: rain coat, sun hat, sun screen, lip balm, etc. Then there’s no fuss when getting ready for portages, as the gear is already stashed away. My only recommendation is not to put heavy items in it, otherwise portaging becomes more of a burden (did I mention that I’ve been paddling since the 1970s?!?! 😉

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