Coolerpak 90

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The Cooler Pack 90 is the pinnacle of our Food Pack offerings. It is designed to keep food fresh well into the trip while providing an ergonomic and efficient way to carry it. It is insulated with closed-cell foam in a liner that is easily removable for cleaning. The zippered top provides a good seal between the insulated top of the pack and the insulated body. In testing, the Food Pack was found to keep frozen goods below the starting point of spoiling (40 degrees Fahrenheit) for 90 hours while it successfully kept food below 60 degrees for nearly 170 hours. Like all of our Food Packs, the Cooler Pack 90 is equipped with padded, contoured shoulder straps for comfortable carrying. It also comes with a waist belt to help distribute the weight of a weighted food pack to the hips. Combine that with a built in d-ring set up for careful bear-bag hanging potential and the Cooler Pack has all the features needed to keep your food fresh well into the trip.

In the spring of 2023, we were able to put our cooler packs and cooler sleeves to the test to see how long they were able to keep food fresh. We filled the packs with seven frozen nalgenes (representing food or ice packs frozen before trail) and the rest of the pack was filled with materials simulating a full food pack. We tested cooler sleeves in a blue barrel and in our Food Pack 68 with a rigid pack liner. We also tested our Cooler Pack 90 with leaving it sealed for the entire experiment and with opening it and removing contents three times a day simulating retrieving food from inside. The results were fascinating and showed the importance of keeping the pack closed as much as possible (benefitted by proper organization and efficient retrieval.) The Cooler Pack performed very well and was able to keep food from beginning to spoil (below 40 degrees) for over 90 hours.

Padded Shoulder Straps
Adjustable Sternum Strap
Adjustable Cinch Straps
Adjustable Padded Waist Belt
Zipper-Sealed Top
Removable Foam Insulated Side Walls
Hanging D-Rings

2 reviews for Coolerpak 90

  1. Brad

    It kept my food cold for the whole week on trail. We were able to eat fresh food on the final day of our trip.

  2. Phillip Santillan

    I’ve been borrowing my friend’s Coolerpak 90 since 2017, and it’s kept food cool for a 5-day trip easy!

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