Food Pack 68


Earn up to 162 Portage Points.

5" Waist Belt

Large Poly Liner


The Food Pack 68 is the slightly shorter version of the Food Pack 77. The Food Pack 68 employs a box style where large gussets increase the depth and volume of the pack without sacrificing width and height. This box shape also makes it perfectly suited towards the use of a rigid pack liner as one style of packing a food pack. The inside top flaps allow for the pack contents to be securely closed off while the sturdy d-rings fixed to the side seams allow the pack to be confidently hoisted as a bear bag. Finally, this pack uses our standard padded and contoured shoulder straps for a comfortable carry. Combine that with a sleeve at the base of the pack for an optional add-on waist belt to help distribute the weight of a particularly heavy food pack and this pack is made to carry your meals whether loaded down on the first day of the trip or nearly empty on the last.

Padded Shoulder Straps
Adjustable Sternum Strap
Adjustable Cinch Straps
Load Lifters
Hanging D-Rings
Optional Add-On Waist Belt

1 review for Food Pack 68

  1. mhallgren79

    These guys make great products. My cousin and I have their Food Packs and a friend has one of their No. 3 backpack. They’ve held up very well over the past few years on our Boundary Waters trips. Our food in the food packs have never gotten wet on the inside even when we’ve gotten caught out in the rain while traveling. We even got caught up in the blow-down storm on 7/21/16 on Back Bay. It was one of the few trips that we hung our food pack and it withstood 70+ mph winds hanging from a tree. Amazingly the food inside the pack was still dry and intake. Can’t say the same for our gear and tents. Already got my eye on the Squall 3 tarp for our next purchase.

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